Some news from my favorite flack...

"On Wednesday of this week, I'm going to be showing up bright and early for the first day of my new job at Thornley Fallis. I can't wait to get on board with TF."

- Uninstalled, via Doc Searls

I first met Michael a few years back at a small blogger get together here in Toronto. That was before blogging was cool and sending out an invite to every blogger you knew to have beers with Doc at a pool hall didn't mean that 1000 people would show up. The same get together that I met AccordionGuy, Brent Ashley and a few others. We offered Joey a job later that week.

Congrats Michael, this sounds like a great gig for you.

"...the TF group of companies also includes a kick ass design studio"

- via Uninstalled

We're thinking about dropping some cake on a redesign of some of our properties over here at The Farm, so of course I clicked the link.



This is so not kick ass.

Anybody that clicked that linked to find out what kick ass looks like nowadays and loaded the link in their aggie (like I did) got a real bad impression. This might have been kick ass in 2002, but not today. Degrade gracefully. Never show the wizard behind the curtains and all that...

Now I've got to remember to check them out in my regular browser after I write this. I wonder what the chances of that are.

Michael - go kick their ass about this and make sure they don't make the same mistake when they redesign your blog ;-)