After years of selling film and paper and ink, Kodak is streamlining to focus on printers and ink.

The new printers will arrive in stores starting in March, priced at $149 to $299. Kodak is targeting consumers who print loads of photos and are willing to pay full price for high-quality printers. Black ink cartridges will cost $9.99, color $14.99.

- via Business Week

In all seriousness, this is a space could desperately benefit from some upstart innovation. Kodak has probably figured out that they can win in this space on the back of their experience selling ink, film and paper to photo-consumers. Even before seeing it, I'm more likely to trust Kodak with my prints than HP or Canon, despite the fact the Kodak product looks like it might cost 80% less. Price points like this usually denote poorer print quality, but in this case it screams "We're Kodak. We wouldn't put our name on it if it wasn't amazing. We're just pricing our consumables fairly unlike our bloodsucking competitors."
I'm in the market for a photoprinter - this news is definitely enough to make me wait until Kodak's gear hits the market.